How to protect your park from budget cuts and keep it safe, clean, & well-used

You may have read that Birmingham City Council are looking to make deep cuts in parks budgets.

We think they have targeted the wrong bits. We have 10 days to persuade them of this, through an email campaign.

At short notice like this, the most effective tool we have is a brief, very simple email message from you (along with hundreds of others) that focuses just on the Parks budget.

When comments on that budget reach a certain threshold, the budget managers will stop and rethink those targets.

You can help reach that number by taking 1 minute to send an email here:

Your email can be short and simple, like this:

I am writing in response to proposed 2014 budget for Parks and Woodland services, as set out in Section 47 of the Local Services Factsheets. I urge the Council to look elsewhere for savings.

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That’s probably all you need to say!
So do it now! Just click on the link above.

If you have more time, and want to send something more detailed, see our previous article at

At the end of the article are a bunch of comments other people have made.

If you make similar points in your email, so much the better! It adds weight to the request.

*Most importantly*, it’s got to be sent soon! Before the 10th!

So do it now… or on your way home… or in a free moment. That’s all it takes!
At the same time, please forward the message to your friends & neighbours! Let’s get the number well into the hundreds, maybe even thousands.

2 comments for “How to protect your park from budget cuts and keep it safe, clean, & well-used

  1. David
    03/01/2014 at 16:23

    Bridget, thanks for the comment – we appreciate having them here!
    Our contact page needs updating – but these should work.

    As for a meeting, it sounds like something through KH Res Forum and/or Moseley Forum would suit. If you have them on FB or Twitter, we could possibly get a convo going online to see what people might be up for.

    Personally, I think the Council should be holding more of the sessions they had in Dec. Far too few of them to date, and in too few locations.

  2. 03/01/2014 at 15:35

    I can’t find the email address for Friends of Highbury Park so am putting this as a comment. I think we need a local meeting on this – involving people from Highbury Park and Kings Heath – maybe in All Saints Centre K Heath. I know the deadline is the 10th but the cuts are ongoing and we need to show the council how angry people are about this. I don’t think people are even aware that play areas are under threat – to give just one example. and I think we need to do some leafletting and petitioning say on Kings Heath High St.
    I’m involved in Bham Against the Cuts and KHeath and Moseley against the Cuts but so far we have done very little around park services and we definitely need to.

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