A Bit Late for November

This was meant to appear a couple of weeks back – after Maureen Perrie sent a second video.

Maureen says: “This one doesn’t have a musical background (!) but towards the end (from c.1min30) you can hear the parakeet duetting with my whistling”.

Events have conspired against getting this and other things online, and perhaps the parakeets have left for warmer weather.

We’ve all been busy with other things, so our effort to report on the public meeting is still waiting for us to finish. Similarly, reports on Four Seasons, the orchard, and other things have had to wait.

This is a good point at which to say we’re looking for another 3-4 people to help with the management of activities, including the website. If you’ve got an interest, please let us know!

You may have noticed that someone’s painted on the perspex of the new noticeboard and map. Unfortunately the solvent used to clean it usually fogs the plastic – so some other method needs to be used. Perhaps a plastic kitchen scrubber.


The Henbury pond has iced over, so it’s definitely winter now!


But it hasn’t taken the bloom off this rose!

On a more worrying note, the long pond footpath is icy.

This is exactly why we’ve been after the Parks Department to fix the drainage. This path slopes toward the pond, and a person might easily slip.
The most recent progress report is that work has stopped until next year – because the ground is too wet, too soft. Diggers would make a much worse mess of the ground if they were to do it now.

This means everyone should use extra caution on this stretch of path – especially with the season’s reduced visibility.

Lastly, we’ll have a stand at the Big Kings Heath Xmas Party this Saturday, 10-3.

Pam Smith of PKS Botanicals will be there 11-2 to talk about plant folklore and demonstrate ways of making christmas decorations from things collected in the Park.

Apologies for not having a grill and hand-harvested chestnuts. They’ve been scavenged already by some of our friends!

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