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  1. Ron and Gill Walker
    14/10/2008 at 17:02

    We have just read Wendy’s comments about the cutting down of trees and shrubs in Highbury Park and the resulting anti-social behaviour. The small electricity sub-station fronting onto Moor Green Lane used to be surrounded by shrubs and therefore not really visible from the road. Ever since the shrubs have been cut down we have had a problem with graffiti on the sub-station walls; we ring the Council who come out and paint it over and then the graffiti reappears and the Council come out again etc etc The sub-station now resembles a patchwork quilt in various colours. If the reason for cutting down shrubs and trees is in fact to prevent people carrying out various activities, then there is an awful lot of vegetation to be cut down in Highbury Park!

  2. wendy weston
    04/05/2008 at 07:53

    I have always loved Highbury Hall, attending its open days and many other events and I’m thrilled to bits that my daughter has decided to get married there next year!
    Highbury Park is, in my opinion the most beautiful and interesting of all the parks in the region and I’m greatful that there is a group looking out for it’s interests.
    I have a major concern, however.
    For many years I’ve had an allotment ajoining the park. (Ulfgham Leisure Gardens) During the many years I’ve gardened there we’ve had minimal problems with vandalism – mainly because we were completely hidden from view.
    I’ve no idea whose crazy idea it was to radically chop down the trees and shrubs that shielded us from the view of the general public using the park, without making any attempt to create an effective barrier against unwelcome intruders.
    It was perceived by some, that there was a problem with the Gay community using the park for various “antisocial activities” and the bushes provided cover for these – I don’t know if there’s any truth in this being the reason they were destoyed but many people think it is.
    The result of the disappearance of the gays seems to have been a huge increase in young people congregating in very large groups. One of their favourite places is just in front of my allotment. They frequently build fires, play very loud music,their language is dreadful, their behavior often objectionable and worst of all several of the tenants on the site have suffered serious cases of vandalism and one tenant was actually struck by a bottle deliberately thrown at him.
    I thought I’d let your group know about our huge concerns -perhaps our two groups could support each other somehow in tackling anti-social behaviour.

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