2 comments for “Points of Historical Interest

  1. David
    30/10/2009 at 00:15

    Great ideas! Have you any material we could use to work up a front page story with? Any background on digs, a bullet point list of highlighted information?

  2. Drako
    29/10/2009 at 23:31

    I feel that there is a missed opportunity to both attract and inform potential – (and current) visitors. The history of the park and it’s immediate environs began long before Joseph Chamberlain eg- the burnt mounds/pot-boilers and the strip farming remains – though believed to be probably c17/18th century Perhaps left over from the enclosures? – could be much earlier. What about back to pre-history and beyond – the flora/fauna and probable population and land use, fossils, flints? Local Universities have done some exploratory digs/excavations here and I am certain further undertakings by students could be carried out. Excluding this information and not developing it where possible is missing major points of attraction and uniqueness about this park. Make the information part of the front page here, have it ‘mapped’ in the local library, give it to schools in the area. I realise this takes time and resources. Perhaps some of this could be overcome by getting school pupils to research the full history of the area and get the university/ies involved – everyone wins – pupils have interesting ‘real’ work to do with a range of skills and they develop links and understandings with universities and universities are contributing directly to the local area. Just a thought or two! Regards. Keep up the good work!

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