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Highbury’s future: the public consultation

The long-standing question of what to do about Highbury Trust is being addressed through a new proposal. The Trustees (Birmingham City Council) have published their ‘preferred option‘ for the future management, maintenance, and charitable activities of the Trust. Your participation in this is vital to setting the best course for Highbury and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The preferred option is being circulated for public discussion, and will be followed by a decision to adopt or amend. Highbury Park Friends and allied groups are taking positions to have the option amended. Our thinking is set out here, in an info pack. []

Paper copies are available at York Supplies in Kings Heath.

We’ve circulated flyers (as shown below) listing some of the frequently asked questions about the preferred option. We’ll be coordinating with some of the other local groups to prioritise those questions and make presentations at the public meeting on 26 November.

Our information pack contains the flyer, the Trustee’s proposal, our comments, and a survey aimed at identifying key questions. We’d be really pleased to hear your thoughts on any of it!

The Trustee’s decisions will set the future course for Highbury Hall, parts of Highbury Park, the activities in and around Highbury, and the neighbourhood. There will be major changes,  and this is your best opportunity to ensure those changes are for the better.

consultation flyer

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