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Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF) events

Birmingham Open Spaces Forum have sent out their new and hi-glam newsletter along with the agenda and booking form for this year’s Spring Conference.

The spring conference is free to members of open spaces groups, and focuses on issues of interest to parks and open spaces users, such as:

  • Maintenance Contracts: who will be cutting the grass for the next 10 years?
  • Sites Under Threat: how to defend your turf!
  • Organising Events and Activities
  • Funding: Landfill Trusts
  • Information on future funding opportunities and from groups who have raised money

That’s Saturday 26th April 2008 from 10.30am – 3.00pm at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall. For further info about the conference or BOSf, contact Emma Woolf at 0121 451 2336, by post at 44 Franklin Road, Birmingham B30 2HG or by email to

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