Website Version 2.1

A few weeks ago (in February) we started the process of switching over to a new hosting service. While some of the processes are quick – such as signing up, paying fees, and setting up the website – others take quite a bit longer. That meant running two websites in parallel for some time.

Once certain configuration details are settled, the new website will appear at the old address. Users would not ordinarily be aware of any changes, but in this case there are several.

One change is in the contents of the new website. The old website will be missing some recent posts, including this one. Vice versa, there may be a post or two gone missing or delayed in copying across.

The new website also has some layout changes, and some of the features have changed. One very big change is that it  hosts our tree survey data, which means that if you follow this link, you will see the current results of a year’s work counting, describing, and cataloguing trees. This project needs a lot more work, so the display will change as it develops. But if the link works, it means that the new hosting arrangement is complete.

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