Tree Survey

Tree Survey, 5 April

Hi All,

On Saturday April 5th we recorded by the ancient Hedgerow and along the railway line in Area 1, where bramble contrived to trip us up at every turn. We found a
woodpecker feast of a standing dead stump surrounded by high brambles,
sycamores, beeches, hybrid black poplars, a lime and a False Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia, aka Black Locust). Peter told us that the wood from this member of the pea family is so hard that it was used for making nails. Bluebells and cow parsley thrive in this little woodland area and we also spotted masses of pignut. On the way, we stopped by the hollow ash to admire the giant purple buds – just about to burst.

A man passed us carrying masses of shopping, but on second glance noticed that
he was actually collecting litter – he said that he was not local but loved the
park and when visiting, felt compelled to do his bit. (A hero, non-local!)

Does anyone think it would be a good idea to take a bin bag and collect litter
on our tree surveys?

The next tree survey is on Saturday 26th April.

Happy tree hugging,


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