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Tree survey and Conifer Workshop – successful days


Hi All,

The conifer workshop on 8th April was a great success and Martin Collins took us round Kings Heath Park and in the light of the setting sun we collected specimens of pine, fir, cypress etc – looked for cones, sniffed the leaves and became aware of how much there is to learn about conifers. Then an intensive perusal of the twigs in the lab, with cakes and drinks to hone our identification skills. Many thanks Martin, for a most enjoyable and informative session.

The tree survey on 26th April covered old hedgerows in Area 1, near to the car park. We found oaks, sycamore, ash and multistemmed alders clad in ivy. A fallen nest looked like a long-tailed tit nest. Demelza is taking it to the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to get it checked. Whilst marvelling at the numerous tunnels within some lumps of fallen dead wood, a lesser stag beetle (I think) was revealed (see attached picture – what do you think Mike B?).


Take a look at the other attached picture (can you guess what it is?) Also found lots of Harlequin ladybirds on the almost blossoming Queen Anne’s’ Lace by Shutlock Lane.


The next survey date is WEDNESDAY 7th May at 10.00.

All the best


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