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Birds of Highbury Park e-book

Birds Of Highbury Park
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Highbury Park Friends have co-ordinated the creation of a 31-page book and tri-fold brochure about birds (and other wildlife) found in the park, largely through the efforts of Paul Anthony, Cathy Clarke, and Anne Gilbert.

Paul (a long-time Friend, local resident, and wildlife observer) worked his notes into a longer narrative about local wildlife, some of it from century-old sources. The result is a ‘book-ends’ view of what birds have appeared and disappeared in the hundred years.

Paul and Cathy worked together on the strategy for illustrating the book, whilst Cathy also developed a companion brochure. Cathy has produced earlier brochures and artwork for the Friends, so we are really pleased to have this 2nd brochure in the Discover series. Bringing it all together, Anne kept things moving along over the many months of compilation, editing, and production. All told, both publications reflect the collaborative spirit among our members.

This first edition e-book is set out at no cost for people to copy and print themselves. If we get enough requests to justify it, we will raise funds for a paper version, and probably charge per copy. If you want us to print and post a paper copy for you, get in touch and we’ll work up the cost of printing and postage.

The brochure is available on paper and as a PDF. Paper copies can be found mainly at York Supplies in Kings Heath, but also at places with display space, and at our events.

Direct links to: the book (4.7 Mb) and the brochure (1.2 Mb).

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