Highbury Trust concept document online

A lightly revised version of the concept document for a reformed Highbury Trust is now set out as a web page, along with a PDF version for download.

The concept is our response to council efforts to sell Highbury Trust land and assets. We believe that there are far better ways of addressing issues pertaining to property maintenance and conflicts of interest, and we are developing a plan and a network that would see the existing estate brought into a much more inclusive and sustainable set of uses than it has been for some decades.

The broad idea is that Highbury combines health, history, agriculture and wildlife in ways that make an interactive set of programmes possible. We want the city council to see the value of this idea, and we are pressing for a hold on any sale of assets, a commissioned feasibility study, and a recognition of community support for the plan.

You support is crucial, so we hope you will read and respond to the document.

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