Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids



Date:                    Tuesday 31st October

Time:                    7.30pm- 9.00pm

Venue:                 Moseley Exchange


Drawing inspiration from Joseph Chamberlain’s passion for orchid growing, artist Matt Westbrook and world orchid authority Philip Seaton, will lead an illustrated talk on their proposed art and science project they are seeking to launch next year.


Over the last thirty years, Philip has become an internationally renowned figure on the conservation and sustainable cultivation of orchids. He will discuss the issues surrounding the importation of tropical orchids and the conservation issues surrounding native and imported orchids, in particular, Chamberlain’s favoured Odontoglossum Crispum.


Matt has been researching connections between Joseph Chamberlain’s love of orchids and his business and political career. Guided by a broader interest in simulated environments his artistic practice has involved looking at engineering and botanical illustrations, breaking down images into components, which he reassembles into new narratives.


For more information and images of the project so far please see:

and Matt’s Instagram account @m_westb



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