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Historic Landscape Appraisal Page View

With the release of an electronic copy of the Highbury Historic Landscape Appraisal, the entire document can be downloaded in one 35Mb PDF, or, if you are interested in browsing it a page at a time, the entire set can be viewed in our page browser. Both are stored in our archive, which can be found by following the Reports link over on the left side of the home page.

For anyone wanting to look at a paper version, there should soon be a colour copy (without watermarks) in the Central Library and Kings Heath Library.

The page browser is a grid of thumbnails that link to full size page images, so you can browse pages consecutively, or skip around between them. It’s a great way to give the entire survey a quick browse, particularly if you’re interested in the pictures or maps! (You might need a big screen width to view them comfortably, or perhaps we can whittle down the dimensions sometime soon.)

We plan to take excerpts from the survey and publish them along with comments or other material. For example, we might try to do some sort of overlay showing the ways estate and park boundaries changed over time, using the maps Phillada provides. Or we might look for the exact position that an old photograph was taken, and compare it side by side with a current view.

There will also be posts about park features that could be the focus of restoration projects. The survey is very much intended to provide historical background for such projects, so we hope to use it to reveal information and prompt discussions.

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