2009 Events Planning, so far

Below is the schedule of events we hope to put on this year.
Most are still tentative, though several already have planning efforts under way.
The big events will be in relation to the Floral Trail / Big Kings Heath Festival on July 4th (and possibly 5th); plus a series of walks collectively named the Festival of Walks. We hope to have something in May or June, such as another Arbour Day event, in addition to the Art Walk, but some of these will depend on finding the money and resources to put something together.

As things stand, the next event is a Historic Survey Walk this Saturday, 11:00, starting from the Alcester Road entrance.

After that, the soonest event is a Litter Pick Saturday April 25, starting from the car park. This is likely to have an 11:00 start as well, but we are still waiting for confirmation.

Items with an asterisk are confirmed.

Festival of Walks
Historic Survey Walk No. 1: 18 Apr *
Ramblers Walk: 10 May
Art Walk: 31 May *
Historic Survey Walk No. 2: 18 July *
Bat Walk: 2 Aug

Arbour Day: 30 May

Tree survey celebration
Launch of Tree Trail 2

Big King’s Heath Party Weekend: 4 & 5 July
Floral trail launch *
Park Staff Introduction event

Autumn Events
Holly wreath workshop: 28 Nov
Christmassy event: 5 Dec

King’s Heath Gardener’s Weekend: 5 & 6 Sept
Booth at Gardener’s Weekend
Car park display *

Litter & Trail work
Litter pick & Trail Clearing – Spring: 25 Apr *
Litter pick & Trail Clearing – Fall: 24 Oct

Beekeeping events (Saturdays): from 2 May *
AGM: week of 14 September

Related events by KH Local History Society
KH LHS Committee discuss Highbury Park history. 17 June, 7:30 PM, KH Library. £1 *
Walking Tour: 15 July, 7:30 PM. Meet at KH Library. *

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