Newsletter, January 2010

The latest newsletter is now available for download at our newsletter archive or by following the Documents Archive link from our home page. Paper copies will be delivered this week, and will be available at York Supply in King’s Heath.

This four page edition consists of:

    Recent News

  • Park Keeper’s News
  • Graffiti Cleanup
  • Christmas Plant Folklore and Decorations
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Council Budget Cuts
  • Highbury in the News
  • October 2009 Highbury Hall Trust Public Meeting

  • What’s Happening:

  • February 2010 Highbury Hall Trust Public Meeting
  • Apiary work party plans
  • Community Orchard beginnings
  • HPF Committee membership drive
  • Subscriptions info

Of these, we would like to highlight the 24 February  Highbury Hall Trust Public Meeting. There’ll be a separate story about it here, but please read the public notice set out in the newsletter, and consider attending the meeting itself.

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