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Work Party, Saturday 27 March, 11-3

Our first event of the year will be a work party near the apiary.

Some of the long-neglected areas of the park deserve some attention, and we want to support the beekeepers in their efforts. They’ll be starting work on the hives in early April, so we’ve decided that a bit of brush clearing beforehand is the thing to do. We want to focus on the area below the apiary that’s mainly laurel and bramble, and the upper part of the duck pond (where the new pipe is being laid, and around the waterfall). We also hope to have enough people to do some work maintaining the Queensbridge footpath, possibly even cutting back a bit of the ivy at the crucible wall.

We have the support of Quadron (the maintenance contractor), in terms
of a van, labour, and logistics. Through Town Centre Manager Nikki
Carr, we also have community and promotional support. So it’s very much
a joint effort.

If you would like to spend an hour (or more) helping us help the bees, clearing away underbrush, and joining in a community effort, please come along. Bring wellies, work boots, and gloves. We’ll have refreshments and hopefully a few chairs as well.

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