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Woodland Wildflower Garden

We’ve been working with Nicola Little of Quadron to identify and develop a patch of native wildflowers next to the apiary. The idea is to do something about the overabundance of Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) whilst also providing something of interest to the bees that’s suited to the location and habitat.

The solution is to plant a variety of plant species that are both shade and damp tolerant, such as foxglove, ragged robin, bog primula, and wild garlic. But first, we need to clear a site, and decide what goes where!

Volunteers needed
So we are looking for volunteers to help with a) pulling up the balsam before it sets seed, b) helping us think about the design, and c) putting seeds and starts in the ground once it’s prepared.

We are currently running informal work parties, mainly during the week, mid-morning and early evening. If we get a bigger group of people who can help at a particular time and day, we will set up a more formal work party. So, if you are interested in working with one or two others during the week, please contact us to say so. If you would like to join in a larger group on a weekend, please let us know your availability and we will pick a weekend day that suits the greatest number of people.

We need to clear the balsam (plus ivy, nettle, and bramble) within the next few weeks, before it sets seed. We are pulling it by the roots, but may end up using hedge shears if we’re in a hurry. Once that’s done, we can take a more relaxed pace to think about what to plant and where.

We’ll need to protect the area from accidental damage, and we’ll need to weed again next spring. So if you want to make an ongoing contribution to establishing a wildflower glade, we’d be thrilled to have you form part of a dedicated crew.

For further information and to leave us your details, email, or get in touch via the contacts page.

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