Illuminated Walkways?

Apparently the Highways department have £50,000 they want to spend on a variety of things in the ward – maintaining grass verges, grit bins, and electric lighting. They sent out a request for suggestions a few weeks back, and Cllr. Martin Mullaney was kind enough to makea note of it. However, I didn’t spot it til today, after the apparent deadline has passed. Martin has indicated that he’d like to see Walkway Illuminations along a cycle path running through Cannon Hill Park, and the length of Highbury Park from the High Street to the Dad’s Lane/Shutlock Lane junction.

The suggestion has been made, and the feedback period may have ended, but it’s still worth asking: how do you feel about having a line of lights installed the length of the park? Is there a particular type of light you’d find suitable? Would you expect full-on streetlights, or is there something more specific to the park that you’d prefer? Aside from the matter of lighting, how do you feel about Highways spending the money in the first instance? Should it be clawed back for other purposes? Quite often these pots of money are ring-fenced, but maybe there’s latitude for directing it to other highway improvements. Should it be going to repair cracked pavements instead, improving public rights of way, or other related matters?

We want to know what kinds of things you’d like to see in the park, and your thoughts about what’s an appropriate use of these funds.


  • David

    Which trees bonk you on the head? We’ve been discussing tree-related matters w officers, so if you have a specific concern, we want to hear it.

    As for the solar LED points, I was along the Hazelwell footpath last night and the lamps under the heaviest cover were just as bright as those in the open.

  • Stephen Boisvert

    I agree with the solar studs. They’re kind of nice when jogging or cycling in the dark. Now if only the city would cut the trees back so I don’t get bonked on the head!

    Mind you large parts of Highbury Park couldn’t use solar studs because they are probably too heavily shaded

  • Rachel Duggan

    I think the solar studs would be great as they have really improved the River Rea cycle path and they would be much better for the environment than streetlights.

  • Jack Kirby

    I wondered if ‘illuminated walkways’ was a reference to the solar studs installed on the River Rea cycle path between Dogpool Lane and Cartland Road; these are less intrusive than street lighting.

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