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We’ve been hearing recently from Dave Ludlow in relation to his ancestors who lived at the Henburys. Dave has sent us a copy of an obituary for George Frederick Lyndon, including a transcription. Mr. Lyndon was both accomplished and a man of wide-ranging interests, and seems to have been connected with many local institutions or noteworthy activities.


“Mr. Lyndon, who was aged 83, was the son of Mr. Walter A. Lyndon, who lived at the Henburys, which estate now forms part of Uffculme Park.”

W.A. Lyndon founded local edge tool firm Minerva Works at Fazeley Street, and G.F. Lyndon inherited both the business and the family home at Kings Heath, but also lived at Brandwood House, Kings Heath,  Chantry Road and Oxford Road in Moseley, and later at Olton.

George Lyndon became first County Councillor for Moseley and Kings Heath, and during his six years of office was chairman of a sub-committee of the County Highways and Bridges Committee, was instrumental in the carrying out of several improvements in the roads of the division. He was also a magistrate for a time.

In terms of pastimes, he rode with the North Warwickshire Hunt, was president of Moseley Football Club, of Moseley Park Lawn Tennis Club, vice-president of Moseley C.C., and of the Coldbath Quoit Club, and pursued photography and meteorology as hobbies. “He had a rainfall gauge fitted in his grounds, and each month he supplied to the “News” statistics of the fall, with interesting comparisons of previous years compiled from his carefully-kept log.”

We’re interested in hearing more about the Lyndons, particularly where photographs are concerned. Dave Ludlow is hoping to find photographs of places his ancestors lived. We are hoping to discover more details of these places. Dave has also offered to pass along photos and other information, so watch this space!

We have attached a transcript of the obituary as a PDF for your viewing, and scanned images as separate files here and here.


  • admin


    Have you contacted the Kings Heath or Moseley Local History Groups to see if they have more info? Or can anyone else out there help?

    On behalf of HPF

  • Dave Ludlow

    I’m just revisiting the family tree again to see if anything new has surfaced. To answer the original question above, I am the great-great-great-grandson of Walter Adams Lyndon. I visited Moseley this weekend and visited the family vault at St.Mary’s Church, Moseley; also a visit to Brandwood End cemetery where I discovered the unmarked grave of George Frederick Lyndon’s granddaughter (the sister of my own grandfather) who died aged 9 (Plot B1/621). The story goes that her father (William Davenport Ludlow, husband of George’s daughter Ada Bertha) visited the grave every day to place a red rose. After a year he emigrated to Australia under the name Frank Lewis (unable to find a passenger record on Ancestry though). Permission was sought to place a headstone for the sum of £1 but none was ever placed, which is sad. I’m sure that out there somewhere there must be more photographs of life at Henburys or Brandwood End during that time, or others who can add to this story.

  • Jane Millwood

    I would certainly be interested in adding to my knowledge of the Evers family. There are some tombstones in Pedmore Church bearing the names Evers / Swindell. In fact, one of them is at the head of the steps that lead into the church – my friends and I used to perch on the rail around it as teenagers (sorry!)
    George Frederick Lyndon’s third wife was May Grant (1882-1965) They married in 1906.. The story goes that my Grandma (Ellen Louisa) and her sister (Hilda Elizabeth) were scandalised in their twenties to see their father coming out of ‘the maid’s room’ upon which he told them that it was quite all right as he had married her. They left home shortly after that!

  • Paul Evers-Swindell

    If you would like more information on the Evers family from which george descends via his mother Elizabeth Evers, daughter of Samuel of Cradley Forge then get in touch

  • Jane

    Really thrilled when I came across this obituary – many thanks! GF Lyndon was my Mother’s Mother’s father by his second marriage to Julia Cooper. He married three times, both of the first two wives producing two daughters. The family believe that he married for the third time to try for an heir; so far I have not been able to trace her name. Neither have I found any siblings for him though he had cousins. His father, Walter Adams Lyndon, married into a land owning family (Evers) from the Stourbridge area. His probate was given to GFLyndon and to a Swindell-Evers. The only ‘historic’ family photo I have is a copy of a picture of my grandma, Ellen Louisa, with a motor cycle taken, I believe, at a rally in Sutton Park(?). How is Dave Ludlow related to the Lyndons? Do contact, please!

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