Breathing Places – bulletin

Dear BOSF members – please note that Phase 3 of the Lottery’s Breathing Places grant fund is now available – use this link for more information:

Breathing Places

The Breathing Places programme is a UK wide small grants programme developed in partnership with the BBC. It complements the BBC’s Breathing Places campaign by giving funding for small groups.

Phase 3 of the programme opened for applications on 12 November 2007.
The aim of phase 3 of the programme is to:
* increase the number and range of people making use of, and helping to develop and maintain, breathing places, and
* make a lasting improvement to the natural environment of new and existing breathing places.

We want the programme to bring about the following changes:
* The natural environment of the breathing place is developed to encourage plant life and animals
* People in the local community make more and better use of the breathing place
* People in the local community are more engaged in developing and maintaining the breathing place.

Breathing Places

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