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Had a good talk and walk with Simon Cooper (our District Park Manager)  today. Whilst we were out & about, our attention was drawn to an odd collection of wildflowers, as shown above. The one on the left has an herbal association, and the one on the right is usually associated with dinner.

So why were either in the park, along with some other equally unusual plants?

For a clue, go look at the base of the dead tree across the footpath from the reed bed. Then, if it’s early morning, look up in the tree.


I’d previously mentioned the sandy soil below the area we’ve been clearing for wildflowers.  Here’s a photo of the sand and stones that we left to one side.  If you’ve not seen the previous post, it’s about the flow of water underground near the apiary. It’s not called Spring Field on the old tithe map for nothing…  .

Next time we dig a post hole I’ll get some more photos.

During the walk, we heard from people about youths lighting leaf fires at a couple of places. If you want to report something out of working hours, the number listed on the big metal signs may not be of any use, and we’ve been told that 464 8728 will work.  This will be clarified at some point, and the notices updated. It’s also reasonable to call 999.  If you give a good explanation of the circumstances, they will route the call appropriately.

Lastly, interesting sightings of deer in the park. We’ve have five reports in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully there’s a happy critter making use of the more remote sections of the park.  And of course, there are the parakeets. And that’s your clue as to the above question. Aside from the post title, that is…

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