Tree Survey

Tree Survey – November 20

From Ellen:

Hi everyone.
Just an update on the last tree survey. We worked really hard and had perhaps our most challenging session so far in terms of species identification.

We looked at the area south of the lodge in the north western corner of the park. Here many specimen trees have been planted.

After recording those at the edge of the road on the bank (which included a beautiful black poplar) we moved onto the bed in the middle, dodging contractors with their noisy leaf blowers revealing the young shoots of spring bulbs pushing up through the soil.

Here we found monkey puzzle, Persian ironwood, dawn redwood, tulip tree, liquidamber and a few trees we have yet to identify. I think we may need specialist help here to make sure we are correct with the identification.

A local intending tree surveyor Doreen Harrison happened to be passing and pointed out a small oak we had walked past. She told us that 30 years ago, the head gardener said it was a purple oak, unique apart from another specimen in Kew. I have looked this up and presume it is a purple leaved version of the common oak Quercus robur atropurpurea. Apparently the leaves are purple in the spring when unfurling.

The next Tree Survey will be
Saturday 8th December

All the best,

Have you seen this tree? If you have a digital camera and can send us a photo, it would be a welcome addition to our gallery.

Image of purple oak leaves borrowed from Dorling-Kindersley

Quercus robur 'Atropurpurea'

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