Henbury,  Incidents

Mystery of the Shattered Bricks

Something did considerable damage to one end of the Henbury Garden wall this past Sunday. 

20100824_170733 The missing bricks are at about head height, which makes the method of removal a real mystery. The footpath is not wide enough for a vehicle to come & go without leaving tracks, and it would had to have a very high profile to have hit the wall with a corner, so as to knock loose only those bricks.

20100824_170924 A sledgehammer could have done this damage, but who’d take one into the park in the first place? If you saw anyone wandering around with a sledgehammer, we’d like to hear about it!

Other explanations: lightning strike? Spontaneous explosion? Giant Elk?

The Parks department are looking into getting it repaired, using the existing bricks where possible.  Aside from that, every bit of vigilance for signs of vandalism are welcome. We get reports of people lighting fires, for example, and these are helpful in setting priorities for the presence of Rangers, police and other appropriate people.

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