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Boards on the move

It was 2005 – maybe even 2004 – that we had 3 bespoke wooden noticeboards installed at entrances to the park. It was a quite an accomplishment for the Friends, as we’d negotiated with various parties to have them made and installed through a local grant scheme. So we were quite pleased to see them installed, tempered somewhat by the height they’d been set at, and their positions away from footpaths.

We requested some changes, and did manage to have them lowered somewhat from what might have been a 12-foot height. This year, we took further action by lowering the height of the High Street board even further, and by removing the damaged Shutlock Lane board. Today, we finished those jobs by making the High Street board parallel to the footpath – as we’d originally requested – and installing the former Shutlock Lane board at the apiary, where it can be used jointly by the beekeepers and ourselves.



This does leave some concrete godfathers standing, which would be worth putting to some other use – if we can think of something!

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