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Rose Beds Rationalisation pt 2

A few weeks ago we were sent a list of all the city park rose beds scheduled for elimination. Highbury was listed as having 16 beds, 11 of which would be replaced with grass or shrubs.

16 5 9 2

To date, nobody has identified all 16 beds. There are 7 near the Shutlock / Moor Green Lane entrance and 2 in the Henbury garden, leaving 7 unidentified. We think most of those were once at Henbury. But nobody’s confirmed it.

Of the 9 identified beds, two are in poor condition, and we’ve told Simon Cooper (District Parks Manager) that those two would not be terribly missed.

We’ve now had a further set of files from Robin Bryan (BCC Constituency Parks & Customer Liaison Manager, Parks & Nature Conservation) identifying 7 rose beds, two of which are marked for elimination. However, one of the two is a bed we’d requested continued existence for, whilst there’s no acknowledgement of the other 2 existing rose beds – one of which we wouldn’t miss. 

This is easier to explain with maps.

Robin has identified 7 beds near the Shutlock entrance, but not included either of the Henbury beds. His plan shows the northern part of the park, as divided into garden areas numbered 17 to 32. Of those areas, sections 18, 19 and 21 have rose beds.


As noted above, this covers only the northern part of the park, with no explanation as to why the Henbury section is missing.  Robin’s proposal is to keep the beds in section 19, and remove the beds in sections 18 and 21. We agree that the bed in section 18 can go, but not the bed in section 21. HighburyParkPlantingArea21

The bed in section 21 is next to the noticeboard and rubbish bin, and whilst not especially vigorous, is still pretty healthy and seems worth keeping.


As ever, your thoughts are helpful in deciding our opinion, so we’d like to hear from you about the plan as currently set out. The files below may be of interest in that regard.




Of the beds we’d not miss, one is in the Henbury Garden, and has not been well maintained, is not vigorous, and could be replaced with other shrubs or grass.


Our thinking on this is that the newly restored wall deserves a period style garden, and we are starting to work on a project that will make this happen. This particular rose bed would not need to be part of that, whilst the wall would end up looking much more splendid, which could more than make up for the loss of the rose bed.

If you are interested in helping us develop this project, please get in touch.

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