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John Timothy of Quadron offered to have Rob (park keeper) work with me this morning.

When I turned up, Rob was trying remove a 20 foot chestnut limb that had fallen next to the Oak Tree pond. The two of us went at it with a billhook and bow saw, and managed to get it off the path.

We then went up to the massive and ever-growing compost pile on the original Chamberlain Drive to look for the bricks he’d set to one side of the drive. The amount of new compost is so extensive that it seems to have buried whatever he’d taken there. So we need to think about a) having that pile cleared, and b) screening it for the bricks he salvaged. We don’t know who’s dumping biomass there, so that might need a bit of looking into as well.

We went over to Queensbridge to look at the cache there, and loaded half of it onto the wagon. Rob will take them to Four Seasons for temporary storage.

Val Edwards will catalogue the bricks, though I’m sure she’d welcome other people to the task! If we can fix a weekend date to have people sort and label bricks, it will go some way toward helping calculate and reduce the cost of rebuilding the wall.  If you want to get in on the restoration of the Italian Garden, this is your first chance!

Help us assess the salvaged brickwork! Whilst it’s possible that Val will start this Sat/Sun (20th/21st), it’s probably going to take more than a weekend to do the work, so we may schedule a session for the following weekend. Get in touch if you’re interested!

So, with a morning’s work, we’re just steaming ahead on saving the old brick and stone. There’ll be more to come, and keep watch for the next post: laurels!

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