Upcoming Event: Sunday December 5

We’re running two events on Sunday December 5th.

First is a work party planting some tree whips, and clearing some laurel
around the Henburys pond. Starting from 10:00 near the allotments, tree
planting will consist of maybe a dozen whips to be planted up along the
visible portion of allotment palisade fence, then doing some laurel
clearing. Bring gloves, and your favourite cutting tool for the laurel.
Rangers will provide whips and spades for tree planting.

At the same time, artist Caroline Jariwala will be running a tree
dressing event along the avenue of limes next to the bowling green. We
are going to make and hang some festive fabric decorations on and
between the trees. These will be simple to make, and colourful;
something you can spend two minutes or twenty minutes doing.

We’ll have hot drinks and snacks as well, so that you can stay warm and
refreshed during your time there.

Song and story man Barry Patterson will be acting as a sort of cultural
ambassador for the trees, telling stories, playing tunes on a pipe or
whistle, and adding some ceremony and theatricality to the proceedings.

Sunday is also a work day for the community orchard group, and there may
be an event or work party happening in the woods near the apiary.

So, lots planned, and in a festive way! Please come by for a minute or
an hour, and help us celebrate our trees, woodland heritage, and futures!


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