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Most Recent Tree Survey – Braving The Elements!

Hello All,

Difficult to believe, but the driving cold rain on Saturday saw 4 tree surveyors hurtling round the Walk 2000 route spotting interesting trees on the way that could be included in our first tree trail. It was too cold to stand still for long so we didn’t actually survey any trees. We came up with the following potential list of trees for inclusion (trees easily visible from the route – another more extensive tree trail could involve interesting detours).

Possible trees for inclusion in a Kings Heath Floral trail/Walk 2000 leaflet.

Pines near car park
Pine used for fridge magnet.
Standing dead tree with lots of fungi at base
Avenue of cherries
Silver pendent lime
Dead tree with jagged outline like a rock
Gnarled oak
Avenue of Chesnuts
Large Hybrid black poplar
Alder by pool
Yews by pool
Old birch by pool
Acer with large bracket fungi by pool
Massive Oak in field
Sycamore that has been pollarded
Elegant large beeches at western end of long pool
Black pines
Possible Mulberry
Old oak by marshy pond
Persian ironwood?
Avenue of limes
False Acacia

In the meantime – have a Great Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!
The next tree survey is booked for January 15th.

All the best


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