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Play Area Concept & Survey

We’ve been asked – along with other community groups and interested parties – to give some feedback on an initial drawing for a naturalistic play area in the park.

The sketch plan is as below (click image for larger view), in a version somewhat altered from the original, for ease of comprehension. Note that a tree is misidentified as marked for felling. This has not been agreed. Note also that all of the graphics are for example only. These are all rough ideas about what might be done on a small budget and short timeline. Your input should focus on issues within that brief, such as whether the location and materials are appropriate, and what design features, layout, or concepts should be employed.

If you want to consider these topics in detail, here is a page of links to examples from manufacturers of interactive play facilities, and some ideas about different layouts, shapes and alignments.

The location is opposite the Henburys wall, where the former sheds were. This area has been reworked several times, so the land itself is not historically sensitive. Two views of the proposed site are shown below.

This view is towards the ‘open’ end of the earth mound. On the sketch, you would be standing at the lower left of the sketch, looking northeast.

This view is from the north and west. On the sketch, you would be looking from the top left ‘across’ the earth mound.

Below is a set of questions that will help us provide constructive feedback on the concept as set out. If the questions are not visible, try this link instead.

When you have completed the questions, click on the small ‘Submit’ button at the bottom.

You should see a confirmation message saying ‘Thanks! Your response has been recorded.’

If you have any difficulty, you may email us your thoughts via

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