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February 3 Tree Survey

We had a good morning session surveying on Saturday, skipping between 3 areas. This was to include a few trees that might form part of a tree trail linking with the Kings Heath Floral Trail and the Walk 2000 Route. Yes ! We have got the money to do this! So full speed ahead.

We noted the fallen Lombardy poplar that has sprouted all along the trunk and has a pool of water in the root hole. Also oaks and horse chestnut next to the path in Area 1 and then a brisk walk to Area 4 where a large standing stump, possibly of ash, appears to have succumbed to the increase in wetness of the ground here. As we have found frequently before, close scrutiny of the base of these big trees reveals seedlings ready to take over – yew, holly and ash.


Next Surveys:
10.00-12.00 am
Tuesday 12 February
Saturday 1 March

For more information ring 444 0819

Tree-Related Activities Planning Meeting
12 Feb, 7.00pm
Kings Heath Community Centre, Heathfield Road

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