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Fairy Door, Den Building, and leisure on the brick

Today was our first den building session in some years, and we also spotted a fairy door for the first time!

Helen and Jo brought their boys, to the northern hazel copse, who then directed us as to the correct method of rebuilding the former den.


We’ve been given detailed explanations of the height, the number of compartments, and the various escape routes. There wasn’t enough time or material to finish it today, so we will have another go at it on an upcoming Wednesday or Sunday, at the scheduled times.

Ranger Penny has been telling us how to spot fairy doors, and we found this one in the park. Can you find it too? 20110601_151346

Usually, if there’s one fairy door, there are others nearby, along with elf houses and windows.

Meanwhile, brick clearing proceeds apace at the Community Orchard. The entire barn floor is visible now, along with the remains of exterior walls, drains, and various artefacts.  There’s still more clearing to be done, and furniture to make, but this area is shaping up nicely as a place to sit, listen to birdsong, and socialise with others. 20110601_161847

The next scheduled session will be this Sunday from 2PM. See the Highbury Community Partnerships website for more info. We will be doing some primitive surveying for the orchard, and making other preparations. We’re thinking of entertainments for children, like leaf identification, treasure hunts, and mobile-making. If we can gather the materials, and the weather’s good, it may be a nice way of spending part of the afternoon.

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