Tracing Historic Field Boundaries

Do you know that most of Highbury Park was once fields, and that many of the fields had names?

Do you also know that many of the field boundaries are still visible? Would you like to explore these old boundaries and help us figure out the old field names?

We have some info, but could do with more, and would be happy to hear from you if you want to help investigate.

Here’s a map of the 1840 tithe map boundaries overlaid on a satellite photo. The full size version is here.

Do you see any boundaries along tree lines, streams, or other natural features? Some of the old field boundaries are still here, in the landscape.

The boundary map is redrawn from a copy on page 18 of Phillada Ballard’s 2009 survey of the historic landscape. You can see her work here.

Would you like a paper copy to use in tracing or marking out some of the old boundaries on the ground? Would you like to join in on a small project of this sort with others? If so, get in touch and we’ll give you more info as we organise it.

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