Visiting Highbury Park

The park has several points of access, mainly along the western side. If you are driving, vehicular access to the park is at the south-west corner near the junction of Shutlock Lane and Dad’s Lane. For cyclists and pedestrians, the main access points include gated entrances at the north-east and northwest corners, plus access along the western edge (Moor Green Lane/Shutlock Lane).

Location of Highbury Park in Birmingham.MultimapMultimap – shows current routes and features.

Traveline Centro Travel Planner – Use ‘Bullring Shopping Centre’ as the departure point and ‘Dads Lane, Shutlock Lane’ or ‘The Uffculme Centre’ as the arrival point. – For a map of Moor Green and Kings Heath ca.1890. Use ‘Moor Green’, or co-ordinates: 406500,282500 and select the Worcestershire version.

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