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Wildlife Walk with Paul Anthony

There will be a wildlife walk with Paul Anthony in Highbury Park on February 18th from 10.30am – 12.30pm. The event aims to count bird species in the park. Come along and help. Everyone welcome. Meet in the car park.…

Woodland Wednesdays

Woodland Wednesdays have started again.  Next week, 18 January, we will be sowing seed in the meadow to encourage more wild flowers.  10:30 by the car park, join us then.

Woodland Wednesdays

Woodland Wednesdays will be back at Highbury Park on Wednesday January 11th 2017. In the meantime we are completing the pleaching and coppicing at Holders Fields on November 30th and December 7th 2016.

Criminal damage to trees

Over the past twenty four hours 5 small trees have been cut down with a chainsaw in Highbury Park. One on the path by the play area ( a holly tree) and 4 in the area around the Henburys. (Two…