Butterfly count

Big Butterfly count at Highbury Park on 1.8.2021

Sadly it was cloudy today for the Big Butterfly Count 1.8.2021 but we still managed to see:

  • Meadow Brown x3
  • Common Blue x1
  • Green Veined White x1
  • Gatekeeper x1
  • Speckled Wood x5
    In addition there were various hoverflies, bees and day flying moths

July 2019

On 7th July 2019 Jake Williams of Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust led a session to study butterflies and other pollinators.  These are the results of that event:  List of butterflies and other pollinators


In 2018 a new list of butterfly species was published by EcoRecord.


Big Butterfly count at Highbury Park on 22.8.2018 in the Hay Meadow

Speckled Wood x8
Gatekeeper x1
Meadow Brown x2
Large White x2
Small White x1
Grasshopper x1

Butterfly list from 2017

2017 butterfly list

Butterfly list from 2016

On the 17th July 2016 there was a butterfly count taken in Highbury Park.  These are the results.

17th July 2016

Highbury Meadow (upper)11.20 am-12.20pm (warm, slight breeze)

Small White x 10

Ringlet x 17

Meadow Brown x 17

Gatekeeper x 1

Green Veined White x 1

Tortoiseshell x1 (on thistle)

Other x1 (inflight, not one of the above)

Result = 7 species, 48 butterflies

Plants in flower = Field Scabious x2, Knapweed x 2, Creeping buttercup, Red clover, White clover, Birdsfoot trefoil, Hairy tare, Campanula x1 ? Thistle