Butterfly count

A new list of butterfly species was published by EcoRecord.

Butterfly list from 2017

2017 butterfly list

Butterfly list from 2016

On the 17th July 2016 there was a butterfly count taken in Highbury Park.  These are the results.

17th July 2016

Highbury Meadow (upper)11.20 am-12.20pm (warm, slight breeze)

Small White x 10

Ringlet x 17

Meadow Brown x 17

Gatekeeper x 1

Green Veined White x 1

Tortoiseshell x1 (on thistle)

Other x1 (inflight, not one of the above)

Result = 7 species, 48 butterflies

Plants in flower = Field Scabious x2, Knapweed x 2, Creeping buttercup, Red clover, White clover, Birdsfoot trefoil, Hairy tare, Campanula x1 ? Thistle