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    Highbury restoration update

    The Birmingham Conservation Trust website has a news item and three-minute interview about their options appraisal for the entire Highbury estate. An options appraisal is often a financial analysis, as was done by KPMG some years ago when BCC were thinking of selling the buildings. But in this case, the BCT are taking a broader look at what it would take to make Highbury work as a charitable resource, which necessarily means developing adequate income, but is also about making it available for the benefit of Brummies, such as through a sensitive heritage restoration, through charitable care projects like Four Seasons, or as a venue for educational and community activities.…

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    Restoration works You may have heard about plans to do some restoration work at the Italian Garden, and the viewing platform just below Chamberlain House. The Italian Garden project has been under discussion for a few months, between the Landscape Practice Group (LPG), the Trust & Charities Committee, Cllr. Mullaney, Phillada Ballard (historian) and others, including us. The plan is to bid for somewhere between £50k and £100k bid to restore part of the Italian Garden, mainly the balustrade and pergola, via English Heritage and perhaps Heritage Lottery. The English Heritage Grants for Historic Buildings, Monuments and Designed Landscapes seems a likely prospect. In order to develop a project budget,…