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    Chamberlain gardens in the news

    Highbury was mentioned in the Birmingham Post and Mail yesterday when Cllr. Mullaney, as Council Cabinet Member for Sports, Leisure and Culture, drew attention to last week’s vandalism of the stone viewing platform in the former Chamberlain gardens near Highbury hall. As public response pours in, people are asking what can be done.  This post sets out a few answers for the near and middle future. First, we must remind everyone that the viewing platform is not in the park. It is on unassigned Highbury Trust land. Some of the Trust land is managed by the Parks department, but the rest of it is currently outside of any contracted maintenance…

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    Bit of a blow

    Today’s gusty weather has brought at least two large limbs down. Rob reported a chestnut limb falling near the lodge this morning, and there’s an oak limb impaled in the path next to the former Elizabethan gardens. The fall of this fractured bough was slowed by the smaller trees, so that the broken tip hit the ground first. With an alarming result. So if the wind keeps up on Friday, best avoid these woodland areas. Chestnut and sycamore are weak-limbed and brittle, but the fracturing of an oak is indicative of something else again.

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    Mystery of the Shattered Bricks

    Something did considerable damage to one end of the Henbury Garden wall this past Sunday.  The missing bricks are at about head height, which makes the method of removal a real mystery. The footpath is not wide enough for a vehicle to come & go without leaving tracks, and it would had to have a very high profile to have hit the wall with a corner, so as to knock loose only those bricks. A sledgehammer could have done this damage, but who’d take one into the park in the first place? If you saw anyone wandering around with a sledgehammer, we’d like to hear about it! Other explanations: lightning…