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    Fairy Door, Den Building, and leisure on the brick

    Today was our first den building session in some years, and we also spotted a fairy door for the first time! Helen and Jo brought their boys, to the northern hazel copse, who then directed us as to the correct method of rebuilding the former den. We’ve been given detailed explanations of the height, the number of compartments, and the various escape routes. There wasn’t enough time or material to finish it today, so we will have another go at it on an upcoming Wednesday or Sunday, at the scheduled times. Ranger Penny has been telling us how to spot fairy doors, and we found this one in the park.…

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    Restoration works You may have heard about plans to do some restoration work at the Italian Garden, and the viewing platform just below Chamberlain House. The Italian Garden project has been under discussion for a few months, between the Landscape Practice Group (LPG), the Trust & Charities Committee, Cllr. Mullaney, Phillada Ballard (historian) and others, including us. The plan is to bid for somewhere between £50k and £100k bid to restore part of the Italian Garden, mainly the balustrade and pergola, via English Heritage and perhaps Heritage Lottery. The English Heritage Grants for Historic Buildings, Monuments and Designed Landscapes seems a likely prospect. In order to develop a project budget,…

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    Biodiversity Work Party

    Last Saturday’s work party was notable for two things: the amount of work that got done, and the number of people that didn’t turn up. Six parks workers, the council ecologist, and (briefly) one HPF volunteer were in attendance, and did a dramatic amount of work on the east end of the big pond, plus strimming around the Henburys pond. Part of the idea is to change the pH of both pools by clearing laurel and rhododendron from the banks. An extra benefit is that both ponds are now easier to walk around, and have somewhat more light falling on them. The result

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    Boards on the move

    It was 2005 – maybe even 2004 – that we had 3 bespoke wooden noticeboards installed at entrances to the park. It was a quite an accomplishment for the Friends, as we’d negotiated with various parties to have them made and installed through a local grant scheme. So we were quite pleased to see them installed, tempered somewhat by the height they’d been set at, and their positions away from footpaths. We requested some changes, and did manage to have them lowered somewhat from what might have been a 12-foot height. This year, we took further action by lowering the height of the High Street board even further, and by…

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    A Bit Of Paling

    Early this evening, Jean and I set up the first bit of paling for the wildflower garden. Rob has left us three short sections and some poles. Jean and I brought hand tools, and within an hour or so – and between rainshowers – had dug three holes, set the posts, and stapled the first bit of paling to them. We made two small but fascinating discoveries in digging the post holes. The first post hole was very rich forest loam down to about 6 inches, then turned to a very sticky pale grey clay. The second posthole, 8 feet north, was the same composition, but the water table was…

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    Woodland Wildflower Garden

    We’ve been working with Nicola Little of Quadron to identify and develop a patch of native wildflowers next to the apiary. The idea is to do something about the overabundance of Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) whilst also providing something of interest to the bees that’s suited to the location and habitat. The solution is to plant a variety of plant species that are both shade and damp tolerant, such as foxglove, ragged robin, bog primula, and wild garlic. But first, we need to clear a site, and decide what goes where! Volunteers needed So we are looking for volunteers to help with a) pulling up the balsam before it sets…