Highbury Park is rich in birdlife a fact that is appreciated by regular visitors to the park. Kingfisher, tree creeper, jay and nuthatch have been spotted and the ponds support Canada geese, Mallard and Moorhen. Carrion crows are a familiar sight on the open grassland and magpies are numerous.

New scrub areas provide safe nesting sites for songbirds and the walled rose-garden has sheltered nesting blackbirds.

Please add to our records for the park by sending us your sightings of birds with a date (and rough location if possible). Please use our contact links, or sign in and post a comment to report sightings.

Paul Anthony has produced a comprehensive e-book of the Birds of Highbury park.

He has also produced a list of birds that could be found in Highbury during the Chamberlain era A nightingale sang in Highbury Park

Here is a list of birds recorded in February 2021:  February 2021

As part of the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. We recorded a list of birds found in Highbury park.  The results for 2020 can be seen here: List of birds

The results for 2019 can be seen here: 2019 bird watch

For the 2018 results please see here: 2018 bird watch

There is also an eco-records list of birds recently sighted in the Bird records


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