Insects and Minibeasts

Lesser Thorn-tipped Longhorn Beetle

In 2020, Andy Slater, Biodiversity Information Officer at EcoRecord, undertook a survey of invertebrates in Highbury Park. His findings can be viewed here:

2020 Invertebrate survey

Andy has also produced a report about invertebrates in Highbury Park. It’s well worth a read: Invertebrate Report

The oaks throughout the park are, with willows, hawthorn, birch and hazel, the best trees for supporting moth caterpillars and other small insects which in turn provide food for a range of insect-eating birds. Tiny orange ground-nesting burrowing bees can be found in the spring in the grassland, especially in south-facing dry banks, so be careful where you put your picnic mat. They don’t sting but may want to feed their young! The areas of long grass are havens for brown butterflies e.g. the Speckled Wood.

Grasshoppers can be spotted in the meadows.

Please add to our records by sending us your sightings of insects and minibeasts with a date and location. Use the form at the bottom of the page.

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