Foxes frequent the park and may well prey on rats spotted down by the Long Pond. Munjtjac deer have occasionally been spotted in the park.

Please add to our records for the park by sending us your sightings of mammals with a date (and rough location if possible).


The park is ideal for bats. They may roost in older trees, especially if there is loose bark or cosy, dry holes. In the evenings they feed on the myriad insect life that is all but invisible to us diurnal bipeds.

For some years we have monitored species of bats in the park through holding an annual bat walk with the help of Brumbats.  So far we have recorded four species of bats; Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule and Daubentons.  We have also put up some bat boxes to improve roosting habitats.  We extend a huge thank you to Brumbats for all the help they have given us.  The bat walks are open to all, if you would like to join us look out for the next date.

May 12th 2018.

At Bat night with Brumbats the following were recorded. We were particularly  delighted with the recording of the Brown Long-eared bat is this was a first for Highbury

Common Pipistrelle
Brown Long-eared bat

Listen to this recording of bats taken in Highbury Park on the 22nd May 2017


And here are the EcoRecords for bats identified in the park.

Bat records

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