Highbury Park Tree Trail

Our new Highbury Tree Trail was launched on June 11th 2018, and is in a similar format to our other informative leaflets. Written by Ellen Pisolkar and beautifully illustrated by artist Catharine Clarke, it provides a wealth of information for anyone who is interested in learning about the range of fantastic trees in the Highbury landscape. Rosemary Dewar has added some activities for children to enjoy on the Tree Trail. We hope you enjoy exploring and learning more about our trees in all seasons. We will continue to hold guided tree walks around Highbury, so check out our events programme to find when the next one might be.

Highbury Park tree trail 2018 Page 1

Highbury Park tree trail 2018 Page 2

National Trust gift

In 2022 The National Trust gifted us 9 trees as part of the Blossom Together project.  Details can be found here: Blossom Together

A Second Gift from The National Trust

In 2022 The National Trust donated 5 new fruit trees which are more old fashioned varieties. They are planted in Alf’s Fruit Forest above the old bowling green. (Alf is the Senior Park Ranger.) The labels are left on in case you want to check out individual varieties but if you are standing facing the railway line, Row 1 left to right is Apple (malus Newton Wonder) and Pear (pyrus jargonelle). Row 2 left to right is Apple (Malus Ashmead’s Kernel) and Apple (Malus Pitmaston Pine Apple). The one at the back is Pear (Pyrus Jargonelle). View table here

Fruit Trees 2022

Planting Fruit Trees at Highbury 2022

Mini Woodland

A new mini woodland was planted in 2020 above the Old Bowling Green and below the Henburys Wood. It consists of over 200 mixed deciduous trees – oak, hazel, spindle, field maple, guelder rose and crab apple.

Fruit Trees 2020

Click below to see the varieties of fruit trees planted above the old bowling green in Alf’s Fruit Forest in 2020. The trees were donated by two local residents.

Fruit Trees 2020

List of trees in the Pinetum

Here is a list of the trees as published on the noticeboard.

Trees in the Pinetum

The trees in the Pinetum were re-surveyed by Ellen Pisolkar in 2020, and the updated map can be viewed here: 2020 map . Many thanks to Ellen for undertaking the survey.

Tree Survey

We have been gathering information about ‘veteran’ trees since February 2007, and are compiling that information for display here. At the moment, some of the data is set out in a simple table here.

The table can be sorted and searched by any of the data fields. So if you want to find Whitebeam, you can either search for Whitebeam or sort by Species and scroll to the W part of the list.


  • Gwen weston


    I was saddened today to see a large tree had split and half of it fallen down. The tree in question is close to the long pond. It must have happened very recently as it was intact yesterday. It is fortunate no-one was standing close to it when it came down. Gwen

  • admin

    Thanks very much for your enquiry, Tony. As I explained in the email, all the trees at Highbury are on a Council data base and checked every 5 years for health and safety reasons. All the tree work currently being undertaken is as a result of decisions taken by the Council’s tree officer. However, we plant new trees every year. In the last few years there have been 200 – 300 new trees planted annually in our Nature Improvement Area. They are small trees and will take time to grow but will get there in time!

    HPF admin

  • Tony Rabaiotti

    I have emailed Friends also, but given the amount of tree felling in the park, are there any plans to plant new trees?

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