Plants, Wildflowers and Grasses

We have a Wildflower Leaflet produced by Ellen Pisolkar and Cat Clarke. It contains Spring and Summer Wild flower walks in the park. Click to view: Wildflower leaflet

Highbury Park Hay Meadows

Read here about how the Highbury Park Nature Recovery Network has been helping to enhance our Hay Meadows.

In June 2022 Ellen Pisolkar and others studied the wildflowers in the Shutlock lane Hay Meadows.  The result can be found at Lower Meadow and Upper Meadow

In 2019 a survey of fungi was undertake.  The results can be found here:

Fungi Survey 2019

Read about our Fungi Survey which took place in 2019.


Plants in Highbury Park in 2016

A full survey of the plants of Highbury Park was undertaken by ecologist Ellen Pisolkar in 2016.  Records are lodged with EcoRecord.  For management plan purposes the park has been divided into 7 compartments.

Map showing position of compartments

Plants list Compartment 1

Plants list Compartment 2

Plants list Compartment 3

Plants list Compartment 4

Plants list Compartment 5

Plants list Compartment 6

Plants list Compartment 7

An initial survey was carried out in 2011.  The results can be seen here plant survey 2011