Uffculme Photos

Uffculme House (in Highbury Park) was built in 1891 by the Cadburys as a family home. It was donated to the city in 1916 for the furthering of psychiatric health services. Following extensive refurbishment, Uffculme is now one of the region’s best training and conference venues (Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health, 2023). It is also a school.

Phillada Ballard, landscape architect and historian with the Chamberlain Highbury Trust, believes that the photos below are from the Cadbury Family Album which is, or was, in King’s Heath Library. She thinks they date from c.1899-1907, ie after the death of Richard Cadbury in 1899 and
before the household was broken up after the death of Richard Cadbury’s
widow in 1907. We therefore believe this to be the case. She considers that the one of the indoor and outdoor servants is really interesting.